An Introduction to SEO – Some Basic Know-How You Must Know

As the years go by, the influence of search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming pretty apparent. People are recognizing the true value of having a good and proper SEO. Many companies today, especially those who are trying to penetrate the online market, are already trying their hands in this field. Some may already be doing it while others are planning on starting one.

If you happen to fall into the latter category, then there’s a lot to learn. But, worry not because SEO is not as complicated as many would claim it to be. You just need to have a good lesson to understand how the industry and SEO work. To help you do that, here are a quick SEO guide you can read.

It Is All About User Experience

user experience

If there’s one thing you need to know about SEO, it’s the fact that it revolves around user experience. As you notice, this strategy focuses on optimization of websites. Why? Because the more optimized the site is, the more likely it’ll appear on searches. When you say optimization, it covers everything from the layout, content, meta data and even the tiniest detail you’ll put into it. When building a website, more than just the design always think about how users will perceive or explore it.

Content Is Everything

Many businesses ignore the value of content to their SEO campaign. When in fact, it is a key element to get better ranking position on search result page. Even if you ask an SEO expert in Hong Kong, they can confirm the weight of your content on how users as well as search engine will read you through. As much as you want to fill your website with info about your brand, you also need to give something to anyone who’ll read it. So, it helps if you come up with content where people can learn or gain something from it. You may also explore other forms of content such as images, text, videos, and the likes. Just make sure that you’re writing or producing content for users.

URLs Must Be Readable

URL Structure

When it comes to URLs, try to refrain from using dynamic URLs and stick with static. Search engines would find it easier to read and figure out what the page is all about. The same goes with your visitors, people would prefer clicking through links that have readable URLs. It improves the click-through-rate of your website and gives off a trustworthy vibe. Additionally, static URLs tend to make your site more memorable to visitors. So if they need something, they could just type in or go back into it and read through your post again.

URL Structure

Nowadays, SEO is defining the direction of online marketing. This is why it’s a practical move to work on a strategy aimed at improving this particular element of your website. These are just some of the basic knowledge you have to understand, if ever you plan on running your own campaign. Be sure to keep them in mind so you could place your site at a better position.

Another thing you have to remember when it comes to SEO is, this is not a one time thing. You have to be consistent about optimization. This is necessary especially because Google is consistent on launching algorithm updates to give users the best and most accurate results.

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