Content is King: Dissecting the Importance of Content in Search Engine Optimization

Content and SEO go hand in hand. According to Search Engine Journal, when these two are in their prime, they can “catapult any website to the top of search engine rankings.”

It is important to understand the relationship between optimized content and SEO if one endeavor to climb up the rank. But before we get there, there are a few things you need to know so you can better grasp the link between the two.

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The Way of the Search Engines

Search engines like Google use a number of processes to provide search results to Internet users. First, they scan the code of a site to know about its content. Then they will index the data for their records. This is how they process great amounts of information as they scan and “spider” through new and old sites nonstop. As a result, they can provide quick results whenever searches are made.

When an Internet user makes an online search, they use keywords to narrow down the thousands of possible search results. The more specific the keyword is, the faster they can find what they need. Search engines work to review these keywords while checking their database to find matches. Based on the matches that they found, they will provide the user with a list of relevant results.

How is relevancy determined?

The biggest question now is how do search engines determine a website’s relevancy? This is where content enters the frame. Content is the leading factor in measuring the relevance of a website to the searches done by millions of online users. Google, for instance, processes more than 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis. Just imagine how much of a task it is for Google to peruse every single content in cyberspace just to provide search results.

Having content on your website is not enough, though. There is still a number of things to look into. For one, the content has to be unique and original. It’s a big no-no to simply use texts that are lifted from another website. Why? Simply because that’s plagiarism and more importantly, search engines hate duplicate content.

Another important element is keyword integration. Good content must be optimized with the right set of keywords at a density that is proportionate to the amount of text and compliant with the search engines’ standards.

Is content limited to text only?

Content actually comes in different forms other than text. It can be in the form of an image, audio, video, slide, tool, and more. Codes and captions must be optimized with the right keywords as well so that search engines can easily see their value and relevancy to the searches.

According to SEO experts in Hong Kong, there is a massive amount of bad content out there. Bad content pertains to those that are not relevant or useful to the online user. Keep in mind that good content not only appeals to the search engine bots but most importantly, to the human users. It has to be informative, entertaining, or enlightening.

Quality optimized content can be hard to achieve, especially when you have zero background. This is the reason many businesses hire SEO companies to do the job for them. If you think you need help in creating content for your website, it pays to consult with the pros. Find a reputable and experienced SEO expert to get the kind content that will take you closer to online success.

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