Four of Google’s Top SEO Ranking Factors

SEO experts have discovered over 200 ranking factors. This figure excludes other criteria Google could be using. The good news is majority of these factors have very little bearing and not used as as rank signals. Only a few of them carries as significant weight in SEO.

Here is a short list of Google’s top SEO ranking factors.


Backlinks remain an important factor in the way Google ranks your pages. Links must come from different high authority websites. Good content also comes into play here. Creative and audience-centric content is as important as maintaining an authoritative image online.


Google’s mobile-first index tells how the search engine favors websites that are designed with mobile users in mind. For a site to be mobile-friendly, design must be responsive, layout clean and simple, and menus easily accessible to promote positive user experience.

Page speed

For the last couple of years, page speed has been a crucial ranking element. If a site fails to load fast on mobile devices, for instance, Google might penalize it. Good thing there are different tools designed to test a site’s performance, including page speed.

Optimized content

As mentioned earlier, content is another important element. Good content is not limited to original and informative ones; it has to be optimized to begin with. Meaning, it has to be keyword-rich. As a general rule, keywords must match online users’ queries. Agencies offering search engine optimization in Hongkong also suggest being aware of duplicate content.

Keep these things in mind if you want to get better ranks on Google. For better understanding of these ranking factors and more, you can consult with a reputable SEO company.

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