Google Mobile-First Indexing and Scoring: What Sites with Mobile and AMP Versions Should Know

Google’s John Mueller recently explained how Google will index and score sites that use multiple platforms. Through a Webmaster Hangout, Mueller shed light to the Mobile-First Index, stating how they will handle sites with mobile, AMP, and desktop versions. 

Among the key points discussed is the indexing and scoring process of Web Vitals, which will be part of the ranking factors come 2021. 

Mobile First, AMP Next

Mueller stated that for sites with both AMP and mobile versions, Google will look into the mobile version for indexing purposes. He further made clear that they will treat AMP pages as “alternates by default.”

However, he also stressed that in the absence of a mobile version and when there is only AMP, the site will be indexed based on its AMP page. He added that they would treat the page as a normal mobile page and index it as they typically do with other sites. 

Web Vitals Scoring

Mueller also discussed how Web Vitals, which will be part of the ranking factors come 2021, will be scored when both mobile and AMP versions are present. According to him, Google will look into the version that appears in the visitor’s screen – giving focus on user experience. This means they will look into the AMP version to score the site in terms of speed, quality, and usability. Therefore, the mobile version would not play a role here. 

He added that the desktop version would be shown in the search results as an alternate URL for people using desktops. 

Summing it up, for a site with both mobile and AMP versions, Google will use the mobile version for indexing and the AMP version for scoring based on the Web Vital metrics.

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