How Long Does SEO Take To Work: Things You Can Expect Per Periods

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process by which your website is found more easily on search engine results pages. The idea of SEO is to improve your website’s visibility to rank higher in search engine results.

Unfortunately, SEO takes time to be fully implemented. This is because search engines and algorithms change over time and new tactics come into play. Plus, it takes time to build up a good reputation and make sure you’re showing up on the front page of the search engines you’re targeting.

Here are four periods that can show your SEO campaign’s possible impact. Make sure to check your SEO campaign upon reaching these milestones.

6 Months

SEO campaigns typically require six months for the campaign to take place effectively. Marketing success can show telltale signs after the second month. Some campaigns show data that efficiently proves all campaign improvements and deficiencies within six months.

However, most SEO specialists will agree that six months is too early a period to decide the implemented solution’s successes. With this in mind, longer periods beyond six months may yield much more satisfactory and realistic insights from collected data.

12 Months

In the last six months, the telltale campaign changes will come to fruition within a single year. For example, if you sped up your website loading speed and noticed a small reduction in bounce rates in the next six months, you’ll most likely have lower bounce rate reductions in a year.

On the other hand, any campaigns that have shown small failures in the first six months may or may not be successful in 12 months. If your current search engine marketing campaign didn’t have any responses and inquiries in the last six months, it wouldn’t yield any good results within a year if you haven’t modified it after data evaluation.

24 Months

In two years, all successful SEO campaigns will gather insight applied during the first year and adjusted by the end of the campaign’s second year. However, your SEO strategies have likely changed as trends and algorithms changed in the last six months. In addition, two years is an implementation period that’s too long for zero SEO campaign adjustments.

Most successful companies retire their old campaigns in 12 months. Then, they implement new strategies and apply their previous campaign data and practices of earlier campaigns. In doing so, these brands can capitalize on new strategies, visuals, and messages.

3 Years

After three years, search engine trends and algorithms will have substantially changed, and new ones will require a fresh set of competitive practices and strategies. In addition, company SEO departments will have formulated and solidified SOPs, guidelines, and “rulebooks” that increase an SEO campaign’s likelihood of success. At this point, the SEO campaign of 12 months should be retired, but its learnings remain useful for the brand’s future endeavors.


SEO takes time to work, but it pays to observe your strategy’s slow growth because it allows you to adjust specific factors and elements to make your campaigns successful. Take note of these periods to evaluate your campaigns effectively.

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