How to Align Your Sales and Marketing for Better Lead Generation

Marketing and sales are often thought to clash, whether in determining the best strategy to get more leads or in constructing the right message for the brand. That thought needs to be debunked.

Businesses generate more leads if their sales and marketing departments work together – a collaboration that brings about the term “smarketing”. So, how do these two departments align? Our lead generation experts in Hong Kong share a few tips:

1. Work on a single goal

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Marketing and sales people often work on different goals – increasing revenue or getting more qualified leads, or ramping up sales quota. That’s one thing we need to break. Sales and marketing should only work on a single goal. There’s no difference if you’re a marketer or a sales person. What you need to focus on is how both departments can contribute to the success of a business.

2. Communicate better

Miscommunication is often the thorn on the side of businesses. It’s not uncommon for departments to play the blame game but that practice needs to stop. This can be achieved by establishing better communication between sales and marketing people. It’s the responsibility of each members of these departments to inform one another about strategies and other initiatives that have a ripple effect within the organization.

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3. Develop strategies together

As they said, two heads are better than one. The same holds true when marketing and sales teams collaborate. This provides both teams with different perspectives on how they can improve current strategies or what initiatives they can try. With sales and marketing working side by side, businesses can develop a more foolproof strategy of getting leads.

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