How to Use Social Media to Generate Qualified Leads

Almost everyone these days have a presence on social media. This simply means it is a good place to find leads. With billions of monthly users, major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide an avenue to generate leads that can be very beneficial to your business.

The question now is how do you use social media to generate leads? There are many ways, but here are a few tactics that are worth trying:

Gated content

Gated Contents

Gated content is a type of content that is made available to certain users in exchange of certain action or information. This could be signing up to a newsletter or providing email address. For an exclusive content to generate lead, it has to be promising, of good quality, and highly relevant to the needs of the user. Be it an informative PDF file, a free webinar, or an exclusive clip, they have to look interesting, helpful, and valuable to your potential leads.



The online community members expand their network by collaborating with one another. To use these channels to generate leads, try working with online personalities such as content creators and Internet celebrities. Basically anyone with good amount of followers on their respective channel can make a good partner in spreading awareness about your brand. Turn them into brand ambassadors and you will be surprised by how much lead you can get from their follower base.



Your brand’s social media page and profile must be optimized to make it lead-ready. When we say optimized, it has to have the right good quality photos, updated company and contact information, and an overall look and feel of a brand that deserves a like, follow, or subscribe. It also helps to produce and share quality content on a regular basis to provide users with reasons to trust your brand.

These are only some of the ways you can generated leads from social media channels. Learn more about lead generation services by consulting with digital marketing agencies.

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