Quick Website Fixes That Will Help You Get More Leads

As customers turn to digital platforms to find and connect with businesses, this puts websites as a premium in lead generation. After all, how do you expect your business to capture leads if your site is not performing?

Doing a website audit helps you identify problems that may be affecting the performance of your website. While some elements need continuous optimizing to ensure your website is performing, there are a few quick fixes that you can do as well.

Here are some quick website solutions that will help you get more leads:

1. Finding keyword opportunities

SEO Keywords

Your customers use keywords to find your products and services online. This is why you need to revisit your keyword research every once in a while. You may find keywords that presents new ranking opportunities, making your website more visible to leads. Our lead generation expert in Hong Kong advises using Ahrefs or Search Console to find these keyword opportunities that you can use to optimize your website.

2. Fixing broken links and pages

broken links

When was the last time you did a quick sweep of your website to find broken links and pages? Leaving broken links and pages untouched can drastically affect the performance of your website. Moreover, it affects user experience. Be sure your SEO specialist dives into the links and pages of your website to spot errors and fix them immediately.

3. Updating content

Outdated content may not provide the value your visitors are looking for, inadvertently losing them to competitor sites with better information. Do a content website audit and see which pages need new content. This is also an opportunity to update content with the new keyword opportunities you found.

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Improving the performance of your website contributes significantly to your lead generation efforts. The better it ranks on search results, the more customers can find your website. Not convinced? Our experts are here to provide you with more advice.  Contact us today!

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