Understanding User Journey for a More Effective Digital Strategy

The digital landscape has considerably changed in the past decade. Before, website owners and SEO practitioners simply stuff their content with keywords to rank on search results and get found by visitors. That’s no longer the case.

Today’s digital landscape is all about catering to the needs of users. If your website doesn’t provide value that your audience is searching for, you need to take action immediately. Otherwise, you’ll belong to the rest of websites on the second page and beyond.

How do you make this happen? You start with understanding the journey of your users.

From Information to Decision How Keywords Matter

SEO Keywords

Every user starts searching to get answers – whether it’s to fill in what little knowledge they have about a particular product or service, or to clarify the information they already know. Every digital marketing expert in Hong Kong takes this into consideration.

Users undergo a journey that takes them from getting information to making a decision. In SEO, this translates to the type of queries they input on search engines. For example, users who are looking for information are likely to input broad keywords or general terms. Those who are already looking to purchase are more likely to input long-tail keywords.

Matching Content with User Journey

SEO content
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An important aspect of your digital marketing strategy is content. This involves making sure your customers get information at their stage of the buyer’s journey.

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You can’t direct them to a product page if they’re not ready to buy. You need to educate them first and provide them with information that will help them understand the product better. Otherwise, you’re breaking the experience and not providing the value users need from the get-go.

As you plan your digital marketing strategy, always think of your audience. This helps in solidifying the experience and making you their brand of choice for their needs.

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