Web Analytics Terms Digital Marketers know by Heart

The world of digital marketing is full of various terminologies and jargons. The huge amount of terms in their vocabulary shows how diverse and wide-reaching this industry is. In the area of web analytics alone, there is a long list of jargons that newbies have to familiarize with as a rite of passage.

Take a look at some web analytics terms and their meanings.

Bounce rateBounce rate pertains to the percentage of visitors who left a particular website after seeing only one page. High bounce rate implies the landing page needs improvement and that it may need search engine optimization services.

Click-through rateClick-through rate (CTR) is the measure of the number of clicks an ad receives per number of impressions. The ratio is used by advertises to measure to success of their ads.

ImpressionImpression means the number of times an online advertisement is viewed. It is not action-based and only relies on the potential that the ad or any digital media displays on a user’s screen.

PageviewsPageview refers to the instances an online user visits a certain page on a website. A pageview only counts as one when the entire page is viewed or refreshed.

Visitor A visitor is simply an individual visiting a website. Two consecutive actions by a visitor in a duration of 30 minutes is equivalent to one visit.

Page DurationPage duration is simply the time spent by a visitor on a page. The longer the page duration is, the more engaged the visitors are in the website’s content.

These are only some of most common jargons in webs analytics. Check out other terms to learn more.

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