What is Google December 2021 Product Reviews Update?

Last December, Google announced the roll out of the December 2021 Product Review Update. By December 22, 2021, Google had also announced that the roll out had been wrapped up. Updates are not something new in search engines like Google, and it is a factor that most businesses should always consider.

The December update is aimed to reward product reviews that provide value and have in-depth details that would serve and be helpful to users. An update this big will affect most businesses, especially if they’re planning to get search engine optimisation services. They need strategies that would adapt to the update accordingly.

Google described the update as a reward and ‘designed to promote high-quality product reviews.’ The question that follows next is what would be a considered as a high-quality review? What qualifies as one according to Google? This would need a better look at their product updates.

Understanding Google’s Product Review Updates

December 2021 Product Reviews Update

Google has created as what is now called ‘Product Reviews Update’ (PRU) in its effort to elevate the quality of review content that shows up in the search engine results page (SERP). The roll-out took three weeks, and the high volatility of the rankings during those three weeks is present.

The update is meant to focus on quality product review content across all types, much like what the update’s name indicates. While the update is mainly focused on product review content, it may also affect other sites like product pages as Google sifts through the rankings of product content reviews. 

This is the second major core update done by Google – the first PRU being initially launched in April 2021 with the name ‘Product Review Update.’  Google released a list of guidelines following the PRU’s release to help content creators adjust accordingly and make the right changes if the update hits their site. The guidelines also aimed to provide SEOs and content creators all the elements that are expected to be present in these high-quality product reviews.

High-quality product review content should be able to:

  • Showcase enough knowledge and expertise on the product that is being reviewed
  • Assess these products using quantitative tools and research
  • Weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of product
  • Highlight the key elements of the product that would affect a user’s purchasing decision

The Difference of the December Product Review Update

December 2021 Product Reviews Update

As the Google’s December Product Review Update rolled out, there are two more additional guidelines added that would be crucial in sorting out high-quality product content reviews. These are: show believable proof of personal and firsthand experience with the product (videos, images, etc), and provide more options to users through providing multiple links of other sellers of the product.

These additional elements from Google emphasize that a product review content page should prioritize being exactly just that and being an avenue for profit would only be secondary. This way, sifting through quality product reviews would be more authentic.

Google made sure that the latest additional guidelines are where things are expected to progress in the future.

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