What Makes Videos Highly Effective Marketing Tools?

Did you know that millions of hours are spent by online users every day on watching videos? This is the reason why marketing professionals today give particular focus on producing videos to promote brands. A huge chunk of online contents has been in text form for the past decades, but videos are quickly becoming more and more popular these days and they surely bring various opportunities for businesses.

Video as a format has grown from being a source of entertainment to a powerful marketing tool that every business must learn to use. Here are some of the reasons you must include video marketing in your business marketing strategy.


Videos are available in all sorts of formats. Videos can be in live format, shot using a smartphone, or produced with complete video production equipment. They can also appear on various platforms, from TV ads to social media feeds and so on. 

They can also be created for a wide variety of purposes too. For example, how-to videos can be used to provide instructions to customers. This format can be used to show people how to use a certain product. Event coverage and interviews, on the other hand, are excellent formats if you want to spark conversations online.

User-generated videos are also gaining popularity in the last years. Many brands, big and small, tap vloggers and social media influencers to do reviews, demos, or unboxing of products – from food to home products, from gadgets to clothes and shoes.

ROI and Conversion Rate

Another great thing about videos as marketing tools is they are highly versatile. Any video content for your brand’s promotion can now be posted and shared in different social media. Aside from the fact that videos are engaging and entertaining, they are also easy and convenient to consume. People can watch them while on the train going to work or during break time. People on the go have easy access to informational and entertaining videos wherever they are.

And because more and more people spend hours watching online, videos are very likely to give a good return on investment. In many instances you would not need a professional videographer, simple videos and clips can be recorded and edited using a nice smartphone. This means you can actually create a promotional video without spending a single cent.

When videos are produced with good quality and value, it is easier for a business to compete and achieve good conversion rates. Placement also plays a huge factor here. Use popular social media sites that are relevant to the needs of your unique market. It is also wise to have videos on your landing pages. 


As majority of online traffic nowadays is driven by video content, you can also use videos to advance your SEO game. Create high quality and relevant video content focusing on your products or services. Once potential customers see your video on the search results, traffic would naturally follow. SEO experts in Hong Kong recommend proper optimization of videos to boost its SEO value. Use an appropriate meta description and title that includes your target keywords. Also, consider both content and length of your videos in relation to the platform you will be using. Lastly, make sure they are easily accessible to boost engagement.

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