Lead Generation Case Study on UK Property


The client is a leading and multi-awarded residential property developer in the UK with a number of real estate projects around London and even the greater area. They offer great ultra modern apartments and houses in residential areas suitable for locals and expats.


Before the campaign, their website was averaged 60 visits each month. By the end of month 1, their website had 1,601 website visits, 26x their previous monthly average. This also increased the leads coming through the system from 1-2 a month to 8-10 per month.

Based on the data collected via heatmaps, analytics & HubSpot CRM further changes were made to the campaign, which not only increased the traffic over the coming months but also increased leads by almost 4x.

By month 11, traffic hit an all-time high of 2,848 visits to the website for the month, 46x their previous monthly average. Total leads collected from the traffic in this month: 39

In 11 months:
Total Leads generated: 210
Total leads converted to Sales: 14
Total Amount Spent on Social Media: £ 120,000
Total Revenue Earned: £ 8,400,000 (avg. sale price £ 600,000)

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