The Basics of Creating Excellent Facebook Videos (Part 1)

Facebook is more than just a giant social network connecting billions of people from all over the world; it has also grown to become a depository of different kinds of videos that entertain, engage, inspire, and educate people. It now gets billions of video streams on a daily basis.

Viral videos on Facebook catapult no ones to stardom – from random strangers singing to simple acts of heroism. According to SEO experts in HK, this platform can be used to amplify any marketing efforts, given the right strategy. But how do you make Facebook videos that would catch the attention of Facebook’s billions of users? Here is a basic guide for you.

Use catchy title and description

Starting with the title, make sure it would trigger the curiosity of your audience. Use the video’s description to give them good reasons to watch it. Add compelling and powerful words that can make your video look like it is really worth the watch.

Keep it short

An effective video should be short and sweet. The attention span of people on social media is getting shorter and shorter, so make sure you give them what they want as early as possible. Two minutes or shorter is an ideal length. This should be enough to say your message clearly. 

Start things right

The rule is to catch the audience’s attention on the first three seconds of your videos. If you start your video with something interesting and relevant to the needs of your audience, there is a big chance that they would keep watching. This technique is practiced by Buzzfeed. They make sure each of their videos has impactful first frames in order to gain interest.

Make them ask for more

Lastly, do not put everything you want to share in just one video. Look at it as a movie trailer that would make the audience look forward to watching your net video. This will not only keep them on the hook, but will also serve as an opportunity for you to encourage them to follow you or press any call-to-action button you wish to add.

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