What is the Purpose of Video Production to Your Branding?

Any marketer worth their salt would have seen the significance of video to their marketing strategy by now. If you’re still on the fence regarding this, you are losing customers every minute. Adding video production to your branding is not only strategic; it’s essential.

But how exactly does it benefit your brand? Here, we break down the many ways video production services can help Hong Kong businesses thrive:

Increases Conversion and Sales

Gone are the days of long-form content being solely responsible for your traffic and conversion. Nowadays, it’s video that separates you from the rest. According to a video production company, simply incorporating a video to your landing page may increase your conversion by 80%. This is due to the mere presence of the video itself, but what about its content? According to experts, this can also boost your sales especially if you produce explainer-type videos that give users pertinent information about your brand, products, and services.

Shows Great Return on Investment

Given the potential increase in conversion and sales, your next question is perhaps whether it’s worth investing money into video production. The good news is, you can have a simple video but if it has good content, it will certainly do wonders. This means, for whatever budget you have, you can produce a video that converts. That’s some great ROI right there.

Builds Brand Reputation

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Trust is important when you are building a brand. And trust cannot be established if people do not understand your business or its products or services. Videos make it easy to explain your brand and share your unique selling propositions–while also injecting personality to your company. In the era of authenticity, you’ll do well to use video rather than text to establish your brand presence.

Attracts Mobile Users and Even Lazy Buyers

As mentioned earlier, long-form content is no longer the only type of content that converts. You are targeting mobile, on-the-go users, and even lazy buyers when you produce video content. There is less friction to get them to consume your content. Videos can be easily shareable as well, and once someone they know sends them the video, they are more likely to pay attention to it. If you harness the power of content storytelling, your videos can be a great source of information for prospects, and once you have established your usefulness to them, you can work on conversion.

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Improves Brand Accessibility

Aside from brand recall, you also want to work on improving the accessibility to your brand. When prospects have questions, finding the answers should be easy. And when they are satisfied with those answers, they should be able to spread the word easily as well. Videos are perfect for this because they are easily shareable, which benefits your brand in the long run. The farther the reach of your videos, the wider audience you are capturing.

There’s no more excuse for you to procrastinate on video production. Let Concinnity’s team of video production and digital marketing experts help put your brand out there and make your video content stand out.

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