When Should You Follow up After a Webinar?

Webinars are now everywhere because of the lockdowns in place all over the world. Those who have no choice but to stay at home need resources to keep them entertained or educated, and companies are taking this as an opportunity to establish their position in their niche. If your company has recently started producing webinars, you know the pains that go into the process. Of course, you want maximum returns from this.

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Webinars can be an integral part of your lead generation strategy, but only if you follow up after the episode is done. Our lead generation company recommends following up during these times:

Immediately After

Those who signed up for your webinar episode can be treated to a copy of the video after it’s done airing. Add a call to action to your email so that recipients will be prompted to move to the next step. For those who signed up but were not able to attend, an email containing the video can also keep them interested in the webinar, especially if you have a series going on. Reminding them of what they missed might just be the way to get them to attend the next one. 

A Day After

Maybe they needed to do something else after the webinar, or perhaps they didn’t get to open the email immediately. You have the next day to subtly nudge them and remind them of key insights mentioned in the episode. This will refresh their memory and guide them along the sales funnel.

Before the Next Webinar

If you have a webinar series, it makes sense to invite attendees to the next event. You can do it in a way that reminds them of the previous episode, to tie it into the next one as a way to build up the hype. If attendees know that they are getting important pieces of information in each webinar, they will be more interested in attending all of them.

It’s now the time of webinars. To make sure customers are attending your webinars instead of anyone else’s, show them what they can learn with you. 

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