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Transform your Facebook Page into a Powerful Marketing Tool

We are living in a world where almost everyone is on Facebook. And by that, almost every customer on the planet is on the social media site, one click closer to knowing your brand. Due to the social network’s nonstop rise to popularity, it has also grown to become an avenue to do marketing. But…

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Reasons to Pay Attention to your Video Marketing Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive process that involves different strategies and content forms. Video, in particular, is rapidly becoming a popular marketing tool these days as online users prefer content types that are convenient and consumable on the go. If you are looking to give your SEO or digital marketing campaign a boost,…

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A Basic Guide to Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are at the core of all SEO-related strategies. They serve as the bridge between contents and the search intent of users. As diverse as the words in the dictionary though, keywords are not created equal. Some are more competitive, while some are very specific or have local intent. The longer a keyword is, the…

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Three Elements of a Highly Effective Website Design

A website is an indispensable tool for many businesses today. But in many cases, it can make or break the reputation of a business. Poor content, slow loading pages, and unprofessional look can simply tarnish its online image. For a website to contribute to the online success of a business, a good website design is…

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A Peek at Today’s Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital Marketing is more dynamic and alive than ever. There are new updates, algorithms, and trends that are said to change the landscape forever. When you look at it though, these so-called changes haven’t really affected the basics of digital marketing at all. Today’s digital marketing landscape recognizes the need for a solid digital strategy….

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What’s Poppin: Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations in 2020

The digital marketing world is ruled by quick changes and updates. This is why businesses and marketers alike keep their eyes peeled for what’s new and what’s coming online. They must keep up with the trends or else they will drown in the highly competitive cyber marketplace. Trends have great impact in the way businesses…

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Elements of a Highly Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the key for any business to survive in today’s heavily digital world of commerce. More and more people are now going online – including your target market and your competitors so there is no reason for you not to jump along. Fortunately, there are many digital marketing companies in Hong Kong that…

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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Once upon a time, digital marketing was just a novel and creative means to market, taking advantage of the people’s gradual shift to the Internet to search for goods and services. It was just an option back then. It’s a different story today. Digital marketing is now more of a need than a want. Businesses…

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How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Today

The current global situation reinforced one thing: maintaining a digital presence is paramount for the success of a business. With customers being more active on digital platforms, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be visible. We’ve witnessed the need to be digitally active, and as a provider of digital marketing services in Hong…

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Understanding User Journey for a More Effective Digital Strategy

The digital landscape has considerably changed in the past decade. Before, website owners and SEO practitioners simply stuff their content with keywords to rank on search results and get found by visitors. That’s no longer the case. Today’s digital landscape is all about catering to the needs of users. If your website doesn’t provide value…

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