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seo strategies 2020

How Will SEO Look Like in the Year 2020?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a fast-paced marketing discipline. If there’s one thing constant about it, it’s the fact that things are constantly changing and moving. Looking back to how it started, you’ll be surprised as to how unrecognisable it has become. The practices you’ve known from before may not be as effective and useful…

google crawling and indexing

Getting to Know SEO: Why Search Engines Are Not Crawling Your Website

Wondering why your site is still not showing up in search results even after it went live? There are tons of reasons why this is happening. Some may be a bit technical while others may simply means it’s not optimized enough. To identify what are possible reasons behind this, here is a list of them….

importance of url structure

An Introduction to SEO – Some Basic Know-How You Must Know

As the years go by, the influence of search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming pretty apparent. People are recognizing the true value of having a good and proper SEO. Many companies today, especially those who are trying to penetrate the online market, are already trying their hands in this field. Some may already be doing…

link buying

3 Outdated SEO Practices You Should Stay Away From

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important strategy to many online businesses today. This is why companies are putting a lot of effort in developing a good strategy that would help them reign over the searches. Unfortunately, in the years that SEO has been practiced it also had undergone major changes. This means that…

SEO trends

3 Major Updates on SEO Trends You Need to Watch Out For

If there’s one thing constant about search engine optimization (SEO), it is the fact that change is always right behind it. Since the year it was first introduced, things have taken a huge turn. Many of the things you consider as good, may not be as effective now. To many digital marketers, this may not…

google my business

A Quick Guide to Local SEO Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing, more popularly known as Local SEO is a way to use online platforms to promote your local business. It is an effective way to introduce your products or services to the local market at the very moment they are searching for them online. Local SEO is done through different techniques, some…

On-page SEO Elements

Three On-page SEO Elements You Must Focus On

SEO involves a number of processes and methods in order to work. It is like a machine with different parts that need to work in harmony to get the job done. As the Search Engine Journal puts it, one must get all these parts right to make the entire process work. Here is a quick guide to…

Efficient Digital Marketing

Your Guide to SEO Content and Its Many Types

What is SEO content and what role does it play in achieving online success? For a simple refresher, here’s a quick review on what these two words mean: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website so that Internet users can easily find it when they perform searches through search…

Content Typing

From Zero to 100K Visitors: A Case Study on Simple SEO Strategies

Andrew Dennis is a columnist who wanted to help a new website increase its potential. But as with any new websites, making your way to the first page of the search results is a big challenge. To survive the competition in the online world, a website needs to lure in as many visitors as it…

Mobile SEO

All About Mobile-friendliness and the Impacts of Mobilegeddon

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of a website. When a website is mobile-friendly, it does not only comply with the criteria set by Google and major search engines but also responds to the major shift of behavior among Internet users. More and more users today are switching to mobile gadgets to access…

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