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Participating in the Digital Transformation: New Media and Technology for Businesses

The digital landscape presents opportunities for brands to improve their revenue and grow their business. However, participating in this digital evolution calls for thorough planning. Strategy is key to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve and be above the competition. Start with learning about new media and technology. Here are a few…


Leading the Digital Transformation: Concinnity’s Commitment to Helping Businesses Grow

The global situation has made a significant impact to how we do business. As governments prioritize the health and safety of their citizens, businesses are doing the same and making sure their customers and employees remain safe. However, it is not at the expense of stopping operations and closing doors. The solution here is to…

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)

Keeping the Economy Running During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a trying time for many businesses. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly affected the operations of companies. Whether it is a big or small corporation, most of them are struggling to secure a steady source of profit in order to keep things running and support their employees. Along with this extremely challenging condition,…

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Concinnity Limited – A Leading Digital Marketing Provider in Hong Kong, listed vendor for D-Biz fund

The impact of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be felt in every part of the world. It has affected many people including businesses and entrepreneurs in ways nobody has expected. Looking at the global economy right now, it seems as though everything is on pause. Although there are industries that continue to operate, there’s a…

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