Content is Not Just King; It’s Everything! (The Role of Content in Your SEO Success)

Content creation is one of the most crucial elements of SEO. As Search Engine Journal puts it, content, along with the right SEO strategies, can catapult any website to online success. Understanding the power of content is the first step to realizing the great need to provide the audience with quality, valuable, and relevant information. Here’s a closer look at content and its importance.

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What is content?

Content pertains to any information, presented in any form, that can be of great use to an audience. It is not just limited to texts as in articles and blog posts, but can also be in the form of audio, video, presentation, and more. In essence, content is what online users read, watch, listen, or interact with. For content to be valuable, it must be able to impart relevant information, evoke emotions, or explain a concept in a way to satisfy the needs of the people who consume it.

In the digital marketing industry, content is described as “king.” In today’s SEO climate though, it is more than just “king,” it’s everything! In fact, in Search Engine Land’s “Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors”, a great number of content elements appear on the most prominent side, with “content quality” being on the first spot.

Good Content

To make things clear, there is good content and there is bad content. Content has to be of great quality to have a positive influence on your SEO strategies. It has to be original, unique, and useful. The process of content creation does not stop on crafting a very long rambling blog post or editing a professional video tutorial. Every content that you post/publish has to be optimized. This means the content has to be audience-centric, or in simpler words, relevant to the intent of the audience. You have to have in mind what your audience “wants to hear” as opposed to what you “want to talk about.”

Good content also has to be engaging and worthy of sharing. When good content is posted, it can generate links, increasing your online presence and reputation. Remember that links are another crucial ingredient for online success. When used correctly and efficiently, content and links are your keys to a higher ranking on search engines.

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