Lead Generation Strategies to Get More Customers Today

Lead generation is not easy. According to research, 63% of companies are struggling when it comes to lead generation. But it is necessary for one’s business to grow. Take a look at some of these strategies shared by experts in lead generation services


SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of ensuring that your site is ranked high in search engine results.  This is done by targeting keywords and phrases that potential customers use to search for your services.

Appearing on top of the result pages gives you a chance to be discovered by potential customers. In fact, research says that 62% of users click on the first result. If done right, this is a powerful strategy that can increase the number of your leads.

Online Public Releases

One of the great ways to drive traffic to your business is through press releases. These are distributed online, and when people find the information relevant, they may use it as a reference to their site. Google will then see this reference as a recommendation for your website. This adds credibility to your brand and can help boost rankings.

Landing Pages

This is one of the most effective lead generation strategies as they can be customized to a specific type of a consumer. For instance, a website offering SEO services can have an optimized landing page that targets startups. The landing page can mention positive testimonials from previous clients. By using these customized web pages, collecting leads online can be more successful.

Social Media Lead Generation

There are billions of people using social media today, which means this can be an opportunity to funnel a large amount of leads to your pipeline. This might be time-consuming, but being on social media can also help you connect to your potential customers on a deeper level. 

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