Why Local SEO is Important for Your Business

SEO is short for search engine optimization.  To put it simply, it is the process of improving your content structure on-page and off-page for better visibility. Better visibility means ranking higher on a search engine results page and making it more probable to be clicked on by a user. Local SEO is a specific strategy…

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Website Conversion Rate and the Benefits of Optimization

Website Conversion Rate In general terms, conversion rate is simply the number of people from a whole sample that takes the desired action. In website marketing, it is the number of users who actually buy a product relative to the number of visitors. To calculate your conversion rate, simply divide the number of conversions by…

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August 8, 2022

Key Points for SEO on Google’s Product Review Update for July 2022

What is a google product review update and what’s it for? Google product review update is simply just as it says, an update on “product reviews” and the factors that determine their quality.  SEO and Product Reviews Since reviews are also a type of content, their quality is being measured by googling through keywords, composition…

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How Important are Keywords in a Domain Name and Some Tips on What to Include

Domain name is the unique address of your website that can be typed by a user directly on the url box or through a search engine to visit your site. It appears on the url bar right on top of a window every time you visit a page.  It might also be helpful to know…

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July 25, 2022

5 Ways of Using SEO for Lead Generation

SEO is a marketing tool that is used to make your content easier to find during online search. In the sea of content the digital world has to offer, this strategy is particularly crucial.  Lead generation is the process of getting people interested in you and inspiring them to make a purchase later on. Marketing…

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What does White Paper Submission do for SEO and Why it Matters

White paper is a formal, long form, published content that resembles a case study without naming an actual product or service. A typical sample contains citations, figures and facts with authoritative references as support. It presents datas and concepts after careful research to ensure truthfulness and credibility. Although it is used as a marketing tool,…

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Ensuring an Organized Website – What is Website Taxonomy?

We are now in the Digital Age. Almost everyone has access to the Internet and almost everything can be seen online. With this, anything can be Google-ed, advertised, and promoted online. Apart from social media, there are companies or organizations preferring to have their own website in order for people to easily see and discover…

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Sitemap Overview: Types and Importance

A sitemap is basically the blueprint of a website. It provides information about the pages, videos, and other files on a specific website. In addition, it determines the relationships between all of the information on the website. Generally, a sitemap lists a websites most important pages. With this, it enables search engines to find all…

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June 29, 2022

What is Search Engine Optimisation: The Big Three

Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of running a business in 2022. Without paying attention to SEO, you might be losing a lot of potential clients simply because you are not the company deemed relevant by search engines. The lower you rank in search engine results pages, the lower the chances of users clicking…

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June 22, 2022

Real Talk: Why Do You Need SEO Services?

Companies that were operational during the pandemic either experienced skyrocketing sales or lowered demand during the health crisis. As consumer priorities changed, along with limitations on mobility, there were a lot of industries that saw unprecedented growth, while other businesses needed to close permanently. We may be slowly recovering from the ills of the pandemic,…

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