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Meet the founder of Red T, the company that’s revolutionising the concept of art for everyone

Tamsin Nugent’s Red T Multiples is a unique art customization business that’s been created after years of hard work in the China and Hong Kong markets Creating a sustainable business in the ever-tricky art world is no easy task. So many companies rise and fall as quickly as the artists and their works can do…

How to Avoid Duplicate Content and Penalties

Duplicate content has been one of the most common issues among websites since the rollout of Google Panda. Google defines duplicate content as blocks of content that completely match or are considerably similar to another content. The good news is there are many ways to address concerns on duplicate content. Here are some tips and…

lead generation

Three Smart Ways to Nurture Your Leads

Lead nurturing means establishing relationship with buyers in every phase of the sales process. It involves smart marketing and communication methods to achieve different goals that all lead to turning them into paying customers. The process involves understanding customers’ needs, boosting brand awareness, and getting in touch with them until they are ready to enter…

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