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Level Up Your Digital Marketing Skills with 3 Simple Steps

The appearance of internet has led to major changes in the way people interact with the world. Whenever they need something, the first thing they would do is to look and search for it on the World Wide Web. This sudden shift on consumer behavior has opened up an opportunity to businesses when it comes…

SEO school Hongkong

An Introduction to Digital Marketing: How Can You Become the Best Online Marketer?

Finding the right digital marketing course can be a lot challenging than people would think it would be. With all the available options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with it. This is why you have to be more critical in finding not only the right course, but also the best SEO school to…

digital marketing

A Peek at Today’s Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital Marketing is more dynamic and alive than ever. There are new updates, algorithms, and trends that are said to change the landscape forever. When you look at it though, these so-called changes haven’t really affected the basics of digital marketing at all. Today’s digital marketing landscape recognizes the need for a solid digital strategy….

online marketing

What’s Poppin: Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations in 2020

The digital marketing world is ruled by quick changes and updates. This is why businesses and marketers alike keep their eyes peeled for what’s new and what’s coming online. They must keep up with the trends or else they will drown in the highly competitive cyber marketplace. Trends have great impact in the way businesses…

video production management

How Video Producers Budget for Profit Margins

Many creative businesses, such as corporate video production companies, usually struggle to break even. This can be changed when one realizes the incredible importance of smart budgeting. This skill sets you apart from a charitable institution, knowing all the costs involved in the process. Here are some tips and tricks on budgeting for profit margin….

digital marketing

Elements of a Highly Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the key for any business to survive in today’s heavily digital world of commerce. More and more people are now going online – including your target market and your competitors so there is no reason for you not to jump along. Fortunately, there are many digital marketing companies in Hong Kong that…

digital marketing services

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Once upon a time, digital marketing was just a novel and creative means to market, taking advantage of the people’s gradual shift to the Internet to search for goods and services. It was just an option back then. It’s a different story today. Digital marketing is now more of a need than a want. Businesses…

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Quick Website Fixes That Will Help You Get More Leads

As customers turn to digital platforms to find and connect with businesses, this puts websites as a premium in lead generation. After all, how do you expect your business to capture leads if your site is not performing? Doing a website audit helps you identify problems that may be affecting the performance of your website….

corporate video production

5 Top Advantages of Video Productions for Businesses

Corporate video production isn’t a luxury for businesses in Singapore anymore – it’s a necessity. Think about the last time you’ve watched a video online. You probably just did before reading this article! Consumers often turn to videos for information they need. They absorb information on videos better than they do from a written article….


How to Align Your Sales and Marketing for Better Lead Generation

Marketing and sales are often thought to clash, whether in determining the best strategy to get more leads or in constructing the right message for the brand. That thought needs to be debunked. Businesses generate more leads if their sales and marketing departments work together – a collaboration that brings about the term “smarketing”. So,…

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