November 30, 2020

Lead Generation Strategies to Get More Customers Today

Lead generation is not easy. According to research, 63% of companies are struggling when it comes to lead generation. But it is necessary for one’s business to grow. Take a look at some of these strategies shared by experts in lead generation services:  SEO SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of ensuring that your…

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November 24, 2020

Top Sites to Get Royalty-Free Music for Your Video

One of the most essential elements of a video is the audio. A video must not only be captivating in the eyes, but must also be pleasing to the ears. However, royalty for music can be expensive. Moreover, it is possible that you can be tracked for using illegally-downloaded music.  Good thing there are websites…

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Protect your Site from Google Penalties

A flatlined traffic is the last thing you would want to see when you open your Google Analytics. This scenario can happen if a search engine giant penalizes your site. Some experts in SEO in Hong Kong say that penalties are not just because of changes in Google’s algorithms, but also because of negligence. Here…

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Google Mobile-First Indexing and Scoring: What Sites with Mobile and AMP Versions Should Know Google's John Mueller recently explained how Google will index and score sites that use multiple platforms. Through a Webmaster Hangout, Mueller shed light to the Mobile-First Index, stating how they will handle sites with mobile, AMP, and desktop versions.  Among the key points discussed is the indexing and scoring process of Web Vitals, which…

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